AMPER XAVI 7868r ADSL Router Control

The AMPER XAVI 7868r is an ADSL router which has been provided in the form of a so-called Kit ADSL Router Inalámbrico by Telefónica de España, S.A.

The shell script that is given below allows one to enable or disable the WAN interface of that router, normally named ppp-0, using wget from the command line. It further allows one to query the current router WAN interface state, i.e., to find out whether the latter interface is enabled or disabled. And, finally, the router time can be synchronized via NTP.

To obtain usage information the present script should be invoked without arguments. It has successfully been tested with the following AMPER XAVI 7868r system

        Vendor: Conexant
  Hardware ver: Argon 4x1 Eval BSP v1.0 / Argon 4x1 CSP v1.0 (ISOS 9.0)
  Software ver: 1.03APF2.7868A-D.79.52.25f 1/December/2005 23:20
    Build type: RELEASE
      Compiler: gcc 2.95.3 20010315 (release)

where above data can be printed with the help of the telnet command using system info as input.

A special feature is that the script blocks until the router has reached the desired state, being useful for unattended operation in batch mode. When called with -a, for allow, or, with -q, for query, the latter in the case the WAN interface is enabled, the current WAN interface IPv4 address is returned.

To get some knowledge what happens inside the script below, one has to glance over the code, i.e., there is no further documentation available.

The current release is AmperXavi7868rControl. Security-relevant data is stored in a file which might look like /etc/SmallSystemsAccessData. The access to that file should be limited, perhaps in accordance with

  $ ls -al /etc/SmallSystemsAccessData
  -rw-r----- 1 root iip 688 Oct  1  2007 /etc/SmallSystemsAccessData

such that only root and all the members of the group iip can read it.

Sun Sep 30 17:44:27 MEST 2007
Stephan K.H. Seidl